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Week 4 Supervisor Meeting

Whew- there is so much I need to be working on.  Who would have thought pursuing a doctorate would be so much work!  Below is a bit of a list of things we discussed that I need to be thinking of and working towards in the coming weeks:

  • Link this blog to other people and sites, which of course is part of the plan.  No sense in being private in an endeavour such as this- the sharing of memoir stories.
  • Andi likes the immediacy of the post-it note comics- the simplicity and direct style of drawing.  I can make more, as practice in unrestrained and unrehearsed comic making.
  • I need to start seriously thinking about my studio methodology.  Andi has recommended reflexive praxis.  As I understand it, reflexitive praxis simply means the act of allowing my research to inform my studio work, and the studio work to in turn inform the theoretic output.  This is the main thing I learned on reflection of my Honours year and definitely something I will be keeping at the forefront of my mind.
  • How will I evaluate that what I’m doing is rigorous and true?  No idea.  That is what I need to look for in my research.
  • I’ll need to have a look at Martyn Denscombe who has written a number of books in the topic of research methods.
  • In terms of ethics clearance, if I’m planning to interview people, I’ll need to apply for it.  I should get onto that. It might be an idea to interview comics creators in Melbourne- there’s a bit of a scene forming there and I’d be crazy not to get involved.  Also interviewing people at conventions such as Supanova- it will be done!
  • I need to look at other books by the same authors within my canon and do a comparative analysis looking at approach, development, repetition of themes and such. So for example Craig thompson wrote Blankets and Habibi.  Although only Blankets is autobiographical, I’ll need to have a look at both books.  Which means my reading list just doubled

I am going to be a busy boy for the foreseeable future.