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Kim Jung Gi

Watching Kim Jung Gi’s live drawing demonstrations gave me permission to draw in my sketchbook directly with ink pen. No planning, straight-ahead drawing, allowing the theme and… Read More »Kim Jung Gi


Drawing a page on the Cintiq again after a few weeks away. Focusing on attitude and body language. And a timelapse of the process, if you’re… Read More »Equilibrium

Hand to eye

When watching television or movie, even the most mediocre of offerings, the enthusiastic artist, I’ve found, can keep the pen moving and the hand to… Read More »Hand to eye

10,000 hours

There’s an adage that 10,000 hours of practice is what’s required to become a master. While that is more of an incentive for persistence than… Read More »10,000 hours

The hump

I’m at the stage of the graphic novel that I’m referring to as the hump. The big, horrible, hump. I’ve turned 15679 of a total… Read More »The hump

The red pill

More drawing like a madman, recording and adding commentary. This one goes for six minutes. My voice is like warm butter. Enjoy.

Fast and loose

I have the next four and a half days for drawing. Aiming for ten pages a day. Should be possible!


I’ve always enjoyed drawing. I’ll always maintain I’ve never had an inherent talent for it; I’ve just drawn a lot, and improved as a result. This page attempts… Read More »Flow