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Queen Sparkle (part 3)

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Drawing is equal parts experimentation, exploration, design, and play.

It’s also about the willingness to stay with it. To keep going.

In the last two posts, I was creating an idea, developing how it might work; designing and shaping.

Now, it came to the pointy end of refining.

Choices are made about simplification.

How much to include of the reference image, and what to leave out.

I wasn’t happy with the hand and decided to try some variations.

Eventually, I decided to stick with the original.

Here I’ve got the background detail all added in.

I’ve kept the reference image there, at low opacity.

I’ve also removed the boxes from the border icons.

Hoping to put it all together in a way that feels organic. Further refining, adding value (tone) to the main figure

Details tightened all over.
The final stretch. Final run on values, details.

Ready for a splash of colour. After trying some different colour approaches I decided to keep it simple.

That’s it for the digital layout. I never really used so much reference before!

It’s a bit of an appropriation fest but thankfully manages to stay cohesive.

Learning heaps and getting some good stuff out of the pen.