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Digital life drawing

Just getting back to life drawing after a bit of a hiatus, and within the context of in-class demonstration. So everyone in the class can see what I’m doing I’m using a wacom tablet and Photoshop, and surprisingly, it’s actually not too bad. I can see advantages, particularly in displaying the drawings as well as bypassing scanning and clean-up. Of course, it’s not the same, and it took quite a bit longer to warm up, and longer (in general) to get the pose down. Below are an assortment of fairly quick poses and a longer pose, something like 10 minutes. Definitely fun to teach life drawing though, and whenever I do I realise the wealth of information I received during my own undergrad studies at the Queensland College of Art, in particular from the tough as nails Dr Kay Kane. She was the strictest, most nerve-wracking teacher I ever had, and I still thank her for it.