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Free comics catchup- Part 3

Autumn Winds

This comic was inspired by a moment where my new life was starting to become settled. That is to say, it was no longer foreign and novel, but I could still appreciate the many differences to what I had grown up with.

One of the points of difference, riding without a helmet, sparked a chain reaction of noticing all the other differences. Again, with a flavour of familiarity. Every sense is arrested by differences- in the language, the food, the sights and atmosphere- and these had become more a part of my everyday experience.

Anyway, I made the comic to reflect on how some of those differences, like riding on the other side of the road, might never become completely natural.

Ich mochte etwas (I want something)

Practicing my German skills at a bar in Vienna and failing miserably.

Luckily I haven’t forgotten how to speak English. Yet.

Bus Breather

This happened to me, more or less, and the quick comic I wanted to make about it grew into something a lot more time consuming than I’d planned. I even made the comic into an immaturely voice acted video.

At this point I’m really just entertaining myself.