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Free comics catchup- Part 2

The call

This comic is about a moment that you’d call in narrative storytelling an ‘inciting incident’. It’s an event that caused a huge chain of dramatic changes in my life that fundamentally altered my reality. My wife’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2021, and from that time we had thought about relocating to be closer, and sometime in 2022 started looking for jobs and fellowships in Europe. This was all brought forward unexpectedly when we received the call- come now, the end is soon. What followed was months of the most challenging times I’ve had in the last decade that are only starting to settle now.

Screen Junkie

A short comic about how easy it is to slip into a habit of mindless zombie scrolling. Everywhere. Even the toilet. How did this happen to us all? When did we become absolute slaves to the screen and to distraction? It makes it harder to get into flow states. It keeps me away from drawing with paper and pen. I remember spending hours and hours as a kid drawing comics, totally in the zone. Sometimes I miss living in a world that actively works against making that possible.

Caught up with Buf

I caught up with an old friend in Cologne back in October 2022. We’ve travelled quite a bit together, although those days are long behind us (he has 2 kids and a mortgage, I have a cat and don’t like leaving the house). We managed one afternoon and evening together before he had to shoot off again, and it was very cool that we easily fell back into a comfortable groove. I’m also happy with he loose style I used for this, usually I can’t help put more detail in but I feel like there’s a bit of magic that comes through when the images are left so open to interpretation.