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Graphic Storytelling: Teaching Experience and Utility

I’m a keen drawer- always have been. For different reasons, it’s an ideal pastime for me. I’m a little bit obsessive-compulsive and can tend towards being anxious, turning things around and around in my mind. Drawing has always given me a place of quiet and realization. A meditation of the mind and body, immersed in the act of creation.

It’s taken me some years to start focusing on it in my research. Before now I’ve been absorbed in researching autobiography, autobiographical comics, identity, mental health, and oddly enough, superheroes.

But last year, after running a workshop as part of an online Autumn school for the University of Kiel, and being asked to write an article about it, I turned my attention to drawing. And boom- I think I found my area of creative research for the next few years, at least. 

You can access the article online here, or have a squizz in the PDF below.