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10,000 hours

There’s an adage that 10,000 hours of practice is what’s required to become a master. While that is more of an incentive for persistence than a qualitative truth, there is something to be said for putting maximum hours into something you love. The pages below are a collection of my sketchbook over the course of nine days. A mix of observational drawing from life, television frames, notes on feedback, slow/rapid/contour drawing, and character designs. Practice makes perfect. Practice also fuels the passion. Win-win.
06.21.16a 06.21.16b 06.22.16 06.24.16A 06.24.16B 06.24.16D 06.25.16A 06.25.16B-2
06.25.16C 06.25.16D 06.25.16E 06.26.16A 06.26.16B 06.26.16C 06.26.16D 06.27.16A

06.28.16A 06.29.16A 06.29.16B 06.30.16A 06.30.16B 06.30.16C

2 thoughts on “10,000 hours”

    1. Burn.


      Lets make an approximation.

      Drawing since age 5, averaged out at 20 mins per day.

      365 (days) x 34 (years) / 3
      = 4258.34 hours

      So I’m probably not even halfway there, actually.

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