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Here are some storyboards I put together for a student film. I was strapped for time with this and used photos and reference images directly in order to build the shots quickly. I’m not overly thrilled with the outcome. My career as a storyboard artist is off to a bad start.

GONE_006 GONE_007 GONE_008 GONE_009 GONE_010 GONE_011 GONE_012 GONE_013 GONE_014 GONE_015 GONE_016 GONE_017 GONE_018 GONE_019 GONE_020 GONE_021 GONE_022 GONE_023 GONE_024 GONE_025 GONE_026 GONE_027 GONE_028 GONE_029 GONE_030 GONE_031 GONE_032 GONE_033