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August winds of change

Of late there has been far too much reading, writing, working and not nearly enough studio work. It has been a little soul destroying. I contacted the Studio Research Journal and they let me know my paper isn’t what they are looking for, so I guess I will see if any other publications would like to publish it. In other news, there is a mammoth assessment due in at the end of the month, but until I get feedback from my supervisors I am planning to draw and put together comics. That is all!


I have booked a table for the Zics Zine and Indie Comic Symposium at the end of the month and so I am using my spare time to put together some tidbits for print. Probably leaving it far too late. I have decided to reprint the old Fault Lines comic, with new pages, and of course it is impossible to put this stuff together without making changes. These changes take time…


In addition I plan to put together a comic with my short stories and bits and pieces of illustration, sketchbook stuff, whatever I think people might want to look at. And…AND! I will print some copies of the Journey to the West comic I made with Anthony Cheung a couple of years ago. I was thinking the other day it would be good to print some stuff up again so this symposium is a sufficient motivating force.


In addition to all this there is the group exhibition coming up in October which I am putting together some scrolls of my old pages, plus hopefully some new work.  So I’m a busy bee, but that is kinda the whole point of doing this study. Exciting times ahead!