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24 Hour Comic Jam!

24-hr-challenge-copy-5The 24 Hour Comic Challenge is coming up, an event that sees people from all over the world spending a consecutive 24 hours in making a comic. From planning, drafting, thumb nailing, roughing, penciling, inking and even for the crazy people, colouring. People choose from compiling an 8, 16 or 24 page comic within those 24 hours, sharing and commenting with others who have taken part. Previously this was run by Ozcomics and then Comikaze. This year, however, no one was taking over the online admin role. So I have stepped up to the challenge, not only of competing but also organising an online platform and getting sponsors onboard so people can have the chance of some tasty prizes.

And what prizes. So far Supanova Pop Culture Expo have pledged a table in artists alley, Zics a table at their event in August, Comic Art Gear/Manga Arts a sweet light box and the Art Shed 3 x $30 vouchers.  Nice.

After less than a week of having the official page online it has over 240 likes, and steadily growing. This weekend will be insane. What have I gotten myself into?