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30th November – 3rd December- Process

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Last week I bought an A4 pad of Canson Illustration 250gsm paper.  It’s packaging is targeted towards comic artists and illustrators. I found it quite nice to draw on, smooth and strong with a faint texture that catches and holds wet media. This piece is a mix of black and blue ink and ink washes, using crow quill pen and a couple of different brushes, mainly a great little thin sable hair brush that seems to be able to do most things. I went quite dark in this one to avoid the  washing out effect of the scanner, and kept the lines quite simple and gestural. Going for speed and trying not to be precious here, which seems to be a major focus at the moment. Must be the deadline on my Doctorate looming! This page took between two and three hours from start to finish, which took place in a few stints over two days. I’m happy with the second strip, middle panel, where some areas I left white on the characters gave a nice dappled light effect I can use in future.