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GFS Research Seminar_5th MayOn Thursday 5th I gave a presentation about my Doctoral Research thus far in the Film School Research Seminar, followed by Trish FitzSimons and Angus Veitch’s intriguing (and seminal) research into the Norman Creek catchment. Because the content of my work is obviously well-known to me and I can speak at length on any aspect of it, I only had to prepare the images to speak to. And so, I decided that this was a long overdue opportunity to learn Prezi. After quite a number of failed attempts, including one where I was just trying to be too damn clever, I put together the humble layout below. I love the interface, I love the command in presentation and freedom of control, and I can definitely see the potential of Prezi. Now that I know how to drive the UI I reckon my next presentations will be a big improvement.Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.16.27 AM



2 thoughts on “Prezi”

  1. Yeah, Prezi is a challenge at first, but fun once you know how to use it. Just avoid getting too spiny with the slides or your audience will be turning green in the gills.

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