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Drawing is a way of thinking

Working on aspect to aspect transitions again. I originally had this scripted: Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.45.19 AM

Upon drawing the scene out thought I had two intentions. One, to show that there had been a jump in time by showing that Clint had been working on his computer, and two, to give some clues as to what had transpired, by including the empty wine bottle and glasses.

As usually happens with this sort of thing, the drawing process sorted out how this would be set; the script called for including the character in the frame but my visual brain said “no, this other way is better”.

As Chris Ware famously put it, drawing is a way of thinkingThings occur during the drawing process, as I see it forming on the surface before me. It’s a small and important part of the enjoyment of drawing.