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Elastic Medium

Conceptum: May 2016

In the space of comics the typeset letter quivers with the voice of the drawing hand, the referent of the written word becomes rubbery and stretchy, the grammar and syntax of the sentence and page are playfully transgressed, images start to behave like typographic characters and time is mapped into the page surface in several different representative modes at once.

(Grant 2014, 49)


3 thoughts on “Elastic Medium”

    1. Yep. Maybe. Something like hieroglyphs? A way to depict sound, for example, in image form. Moving to a purely graphic form. Something to be said, however, for the beauty of the masterfully used written word, and the way it can support and add an extra layer of meaning to the image.

      1. The written word, (whichever language), is use of fixed recognizable designs / symbols. They are still graphics, but set designs. The images, (in comics in particular), are representational, but constantly changes for each instance. Trying to find a written graphic language that is a half-way mix of the two would be a Holy Grail worth seeking.

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