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2017 Bringing it home

It’s been exactly four months since my last post, and I owe it to myself to get back on track with posting again. So, what’s been happening?

I’ve been working on my final Doctoral wrap-up, the written component (bleh) my exegesis, in which I distil four years of work into writing, a summary (execution) of nothing less than what my work contributes to the global miasma of knowledge. Essentially, I need to focus four years of work into something I can get across in a couple of sentences. No easy feat. At the moment the writing is hovering just over 40 thousand words, and as this is a studio doctorate I need to shave a quarter from that.

Life in the Gutter, my major studio work, is unfinished, however, it will be submitted in all its glory for assessment at the end of February along with everything else. So far it’s sitting at 310 pages, and although I only got through laying out of just over half of my script it still reads pretty well (I think). Post-doctorate plan is to finish it off while seeking some kind of publishing assistance. Anyone know a good agent?

The diary comics- ah my little bastard sons. 2014 is printed (180 copies gathering dust in my spare room) plus it is available through any online bookstore. Go on, try it, type Storybordello into The Book Depository, Amazon, whatevs. There it is! The 2015 Diary Comics are so so close to being ready for print, just working on the final touches.

Ashcan is done and dusted, we had a book launch and exhibition at the State Library Queensland at the end of last year. Now I’m passing the mantle along to a very worthy fellow comic lover in Brisbane, Will Kelly. Expecting big things.

In total, I’ll submit the 310 page graphic novel, the two diary comic compendiums (over 300 pages each), plus the 110-odd pages of mini comics and an assortment of visual experiments. It should be enough to satisfy the studio requirements of the study, and the exegesis is just the bow tied around it for presentation and the card attached giving an idea of what’s inside.

In personal news, at the end of last year, I moved house interstate and now live in Victoria, on the South Eastern tip of Australia. I’ll be taking up a new teaching job in (gulp) four weeks, finishing and submitting everything for the Doctorate in around eight weeks. The pump is on!