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Supanova Melbourne- Day Won

Reflections on my experience of Supanova Melbourne, Saturday 29th April 2017. After bumping in pleasantly on Friday evening and getting up at the crack of dawn Saturday for last minute extra prep, we arrived with 20 minutes to spare before the masses were unleashed. I haven’t done a convention here before, and in fact, I haven’t really done many at all and so I don’t have any basis for comparison. But it seemed like there were a – lot – of people.


Some really impressive cosplay – I didn’t take many photos but I’m sure a quick google search will sort you out- and the good-natured vibe you’d expect from such an all-inclusive event aimed at dreamers, artists and those otherwise normally inhibited in their expression of self. They had lots of love for all of the exhibitors, and marathon endurance for their sold eight plus hours of smiling and posing for photos, with more to come tomorrow. Highlight was Wonder Woman Man, and extra respect to all those dressed minimally, breaking out in goosebumps and potentially suffering frost bite for the cause. Cosplayers are hard people- tough.


Storybordello was there in public for the first time ever in full glory, and Supanova was kind. Plenty of smiles and lovely words. Ink and watercolours, push hands and eating left-over Indian behind the table, watching the sea of colour and enthusiasm wash by.  If you’re around tomorrow, please come and say hi. You don’t have to buy anything.