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Entwined- Tlaloc (pt2)

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Based on the reference drawings for Tlaloc (see my last post) I wanted to flesh the character out further. I was aiming to incorporate the main visual aspects that I liked from the reference drawings with the cuteness of Dr. Mike’s design. Slightly soft body shape, with big eyes and massive pupils.

First, blue line sketch, and then a line drawing with 0.3 ink pen.

She’s a god of rain and fertility and I got the idea of water, rising from her, vertically in keeping with the vertical aspect of these gods.

I liked this design but found it still a little aggressive, and not quite soft enough, but the face was a winner.

Some more explorations of expressions and to understand how the costume works a little. I was almost ready to finalize her through a model sheet.

Initial model sheet sketches, working digitally.

A complete model sheet to help me understand how her costume works from all angles. This is a kind of cartoony style, simple and probably good enough for the purpose of this exercise. But digital character painting can be addictive sometimes.