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Story and narration: Peter Moyes
Visuals: Darren C Fisher

Buddy, his Beat-up Gibson and the Gods of Guitar takes its cues from the Jewish Mussar tradition with a story on gratitude as told by Dr. Alan Morinis. The anecdote concerns the famous violinist Itzhak Perlman and a concert in New York. The objective of this adaptation is to encourage children in an attitude of positivity, flexibility and perseverance, valuable attributes for meeting life’s challenges. Such an attitude might come from a gratitude for what we have rather than what we have not.

Wise Up, Kid! –talkin’ peace, love and straight thinkin’, is a comic book application pilot for touch screen tablets. Aimed at 10 -12 year old children, the comics and activity pages in Wise Up, Kid! address themes of self-worth, compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance. The universal language of comics is utilised to appeal to children. The challenge is to adapt traditional stories for a diverse contemporary audience.