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Entwined in Flat Colour

It’s coming to the pointy end of Entwined. The black and white pages are 90% there, and I’ve got pages trickling in with flat colours applied. The process of ‘flatting’ is a painstaking process of colouring everything within the lines. Not easy, and not particularly fun for most.

Fortunately, I have an amazing person on the job who apparently enjoys this type of labour. Once flat colours are applied, combined with gradient mapping, mixed in using blend modes, and topped with a pinch of fairy dust, the work starts to shine.

Colour schemes need to be worked out across pages and scenes, as well as decisions such as “what colour is a god of war” “does the smoking mirror have red lipstick” and “what colour chair does a god of death and lightning sit on”. What colour scheme does a world of Platonic Ideals have? Is there a difference in saturation between a god’s simplified visage and their iconic Aztec design? What colour are our protagonist’s eyes, skin, hair? Back to design mode.