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Tools of Communication Psychology

How to Have Better Arguments was produced for The Conversation in collaboration with academics from the University of Queensland and The University of Melbourne. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with leading scientists from cross-disciplines to produce a high-calibre creative work.

From climate change to armed conflict, our world is struggling with urgent global issues. But disagreements about how to solve them can spiral out of control.

A Comic for Better Conversations

The only way to resolve intractable conflicts is to overcome desire to talk to allies more often than opponents. Here, a social psychologist, two ecologists and a cartoonist explain the toolbox of communication psychology we need to resolve difficult issues.

The principles outlined in this article are important to many controversies in science, media and politics. Most of the concepts apply as well to conversations with small groups, or to debates with friends and family.

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Below is a desktop version:

Communication Psychology Comic Conversation page 1
Communication Psychology Comic Conversation page 2
Communication Psychology Comic Conversation page 3
Communication Psychology Comic Conversation page 4
Tool 2 Engage with Others
Tool 3 Framing Rewarding Patience
The three tools of communication

Behind the scenes

Want to learn about the creation of the Tools of Communication Psychology Comic for The Conversation? These posts go through the initial drafting and design process, to the digital drafting stage, and then a peek at the inking and colouring.