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Papercuts Comics Festival Adelaide 2019

I’ll be at Papercuts, the new FIVE DAY celebration of comics in Adelaide hosted by Festival co-directors Georgina Chadderton and Owen Heitmann. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday with some new books, Entwined: A Recurrent Romance my collaboration with Dr Mike 2000 as well as the fresh print version of my comic on communication psychology How to have Better Arguments (About the Environment or Anything Else.

I’ll be there alongside Dr Mike slinging copies of the fresh prints, and some of my older (distinguished/mature) books. These include the Diary comics 2014 & 2015, Chasing Shadows, Night Drive, and Ashcan X. There are heaps of top flight comic people coming from all over Australia for this, including Melbourne’s own Ben Hutchings, Jess ‘Kitty’ Parker, Darren Close, and so many more. Check out the Papercuts Comic Festival floorplan and all the exhibitors below.

There are a ton of events including :

estival Floorplan

 Day 1: Artists in Conversation with Dean Rankine, Mandy Ord and Greg Holfeld– Day 2: Original comic art exhibition and book launch– Day 3: Talking Pictures with 12 local and interstate artists reading short comics on the theme of ‘Travel’– Day 4: the Market Day- Day 5: Comics with Friends and Strangers – a drawing night for established and aspiring comic artists

Papercuts Comics festival

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Papercuts is presented by Comics With Friends and Strangers, George Rex Comics and Amplified Press

Comics With Friends and Strangers:
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