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Storybordello Rear-view Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Rear-view is a blatant swipe from a great ABC Radio program semantically and an alliteration-heavy recap, revise, and reminisce of the past whenever. Rough sketches, photos and things of the past month/s. This one covers December 2019 and January 2020. Let’s see how it goes.

December 2019

December saw Indie Comic Con in Northcote Town Hall, bringing with it my friend and comic compadre Mike Cooper aka Dr Mike 2000. Great con and some tripping around the National Gallery of Victoria where Mike informed me of the little talked about “saucy nip-slip” era of painting.

As part of our Entwined: A Recurrent Romance Kickstarter I got convinced to do some ‘sketches’ as part of the rewards which was a good excuse to challenge myself to a less planned and more free approach to painting, with mixed results.

And a portrait of DJ brothers Orbital


I got into Automatism – (aiming towards non-thinking, non guiding of the painting and drawing process).

More playful play. Mindless water and watercolour mixing, semi-automatic ink stuff. Drawing and painting with both hands, and watching it all take shape in front of me. Seeing watercolours mix and dance, with a dab here, a connection of colours there, everything chaotic and perfect in its own way. No mistakes. Everything as it should be. What a relief to rediscover this.

On my travels I tamed a savage panther, deep in the Victorian savanna. Luckily, although hunted to the brink of extinction last century, a few hundred still survive in protected areas such as this.

Thanks to the automatic painting and drawing the sketches also became a little looser

Drafting a 2020 semester one unit plan at my sweet day job