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Shadow of a Mouse Exhibition

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Last month saw my first ‘proper’ exhibition at the Petrie Terrace Gallery along with other Higher Degree Research students and academics from the animation program.




It was a super nice opening night with a great turnout and a sale for me (of the mouse image, ironically). Lots learned in the process particularly in the look of printing dimensions when on a wall, and the fine art of mounting, which I did on to bristol board for all my works. Here’s a pic of a couple in process.




And it seems there is no wastage, the pictures are now hanging in student admin, waiting for an art collector to spot ten and decide they need to support me in ridiculously high style for as long as I continue to scribble around. It could happen…

Me with works copy

Here are the images that made the cut:

1994-scroll-print_web birth-day_web combo-1c_web combo-1d_web combo-2a_web combo-2b_web combo-2d_web combo-3a_web combo-3b_web combo-3c_web faces-for-print_web immaculate-conception-1_web Night Drive-1-24_web sociallyawkward-exhibition-scroll_web sorrow_web the-son-her-father-had-craved-1_web Zics-scroll-print_web