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Well I hate to start a post with this but here I go…


It’s been a while between posts.

Which is not strictly true, the diary comics are going strong and now span over four months. They have changed and evolved according to time available and what’s happening, and remain a great training exercise. Now to feed them into my DVA output somehow…


Met with Andi and she reckons my best course of action now is to reflect on what I have produced so far. My methodology is a reflexive praxis, with a ‘feedback loop’ wherein I make stuff, reflect on it, read and write accordingly and then move on with more comic output. In addition, my Doctoral confirmation is looming within the next couple of months so I need to gather everything I’ve done into a legible document for assessment. Wish me luck! I have always been good at just doing stuff; the reflection part is somewhat new to me.


Coming up this semester is also a bit of teaching into an all new course at Griffith focusing in Sequential Art and Illustration, along  with giant of the local indie comix scene and super nice guy Paul Mason, and prominent Australian illustrator Justin Garnsworthy. Very cool. In addition I’ll be tutoring a bit of film theory (semiotics, anyone?) and illustrating a digital app which is in planning and concept art stage at the moment. Here’s a sneak peek at some character design I’m doing for it…


character designs


That’s it for now, there’s a lot to keep me going and I’d best not delay!