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Supervisor meeting!

Meeting with the Big Boss. Her suggestions and comments.

Seems like there is too much waiting, the story needs clearer beats of action. Fair comment, although I’m quite partial to a less conventional, somewhat auteur approach to storytelling.

Threads need to be tied together. Coming to that the, protagonist will find his worlds of uni, girls and drugs coming to a messy head in the second act.

Dialogue in the world around him needs to be fleshed out, a polyphonic cacophony he is only partly aware of. Yes. But how to show it? Through slips of text, or with the use of symbols?

Mimicking the meeting of certain characters who seem to re-occur through time. Yes!

Introspection as a visual element throughout. Focusing on the character’s lapses into the inner world is something I’ve shown only a few times, and I feel it’s quite effective. I’ll need to do a bit more of this.

Revisiting Blankets and other texts for a reanalysis, focusing on how they show introspection. Yep.

Finding rhythms within, flow and visual motifs. This is key to building a sense of gathering momentum. Humans love and are very good at recognising patterns, and patterns help to hold a narrative together.

Investigate French New Wave, 400 Blows, The Weekend.