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DAILY UPDATES, let’s go!

Here’s the first one, this is the last page I worked on last night. The challenge I often find with crafting a sequence is where to place the camera. I find it boring to constantly follow the character, dead centre in the frame, particularly in the case of my Graphic Novel where there is only one character in the focus of the frame throughout. And so I like to make use of aspect to aspect panel transitions, taking in aspects of the environment and painting a holistic picture of the scene. Here the running faucet is given prime importance, as provides a continuous sound that carries through the scene. This is for film as for comics.


According to Sobchack T & V, “sound acts to realize both space and time and authenticates the illusion (of space). Speech and music receive the most attention because they have specific meaning… sound fx and ambience provide the ground base of continuity to support the images.” (1987, An introduction to film). While the ‘camera’ moves around aspects of the scene, the sound of the tap runs throughout, its vertical structure acting as support to the aspect transitions, its dominance in size providing the visual cue to its overarching nature.


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