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I’ve always enjoyed drawing. I’ll always maintain I’ve never had an inherent talent for it; I’ve just drawn a lot, and improved as a result. This page attempts to show the way time flies when I’m ‘in the zone’, or as Mihaly Csikszentmihayli calls it, “flow”- a state of heightened focus and immersion. When I’m flowing the hours fly by. I’ll look up after an indeterminate amount of time and realise that the reason my eyes are aching is because it is now dark, and I need to turn some lights on. Drawing was my meditation before I ever discovered meditation, my escape from reality before I discovered drugs, my passion before I discovered girls.  I’m blessed to be able to continue flowing, and hopefully, continue improving.LIFE IN THE GUTTER_242 copy

And a time lapse of the drawing of this page, below.