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Speed connector

These pages are part of an attempt to work faster. 3 pages in just under 50 minutes, as opposed to the usual minimum 1 hour per page. It’s a first draft, after all. Working at speed leaves more space for happy accidents, lends more opportunity for things forgotten, spaces for the reader to fill in. Take this page layout for example; I started with the page in the middle, which triggered the realisation that I needed another page earlier in order for the text message to make sense. I then went and drew that, before returning to the other pages. However, viewed in sequence like this, there is a natural transition across space and time, from one scene to the next. The reader is able to move across disconnected situations and make the connections necessary without me spelling anything out. This is another time, another place, and yet the scene is, in a sense, continuing.
LIFE IN THE GUTTER_244 copy copy