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Draft 2 changes for the day. Wow. It’s not much, really, is it? What am I actually doing with my time? I don’t even play Pokemon Go. I’m now a week or so into making draft 2 changes. Doubts over the story, my ability to finish it, its prospective quality or the chances anyone will want to read it are causing me moments of slight anxiety. Ah well. Gotta keep on truckin’.
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Screen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.06.56-PM Screen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.07.57-PM Screen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.08.54-PMScreen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.09.08-PM Screen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.08.14-PMScreen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.08.35-PM Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.11.02 PMScreen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.10.40-PMScreen-Shot-2016-07-12-at-2.11.28-PM