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Chapter pages

One of the critiques I got in feedback was that many of the scenes need some kind of separation, plus, there needs to be some kind of key or legend of the various characters that the reader can refer back to. In aiming to solve both of these in one easy solution I’m playing around with chapter title pages that also include information about the characters in the chapter to come. At the moment it is quite basic, and I’m sure there will be plenty more development before the final product is ready. It’s a place to start, a critical factor in finishing something.Screen-Shot-2016-07-17-at-5.29.45-PM Screen-Shot-2016-07-17-at-5.30.13-PM Screen-Shot-2016-07-17-at-5.31.36-PM Screen-Shot-2016-07-17-at-5.31.51-PM