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Can I have a pet and be housed, too? It all depends…

I recently finished a comic project with the amazing Professor Wendy Stone and a team of researchers from Universities across Australia. They had completed a comprehensive scoping survey on the challenges and benefits of living with animals and their aim was find as many different ways of getting the information out there as possible. We put this comic together to summarise their findings for a general audience, and it was published in The Conversation-

Here’s The Conversation’s foreword:

Barriers to housing for people with pets around Australia are the focus of newly released national research by an interdisciplinary team. Why? Because laws are changing nationally but are highly inconsistent. A systematic national approach is needed to reduce the numbers of people who have to give up their pets to secure housing – especially as we return to post-COVID “normal”.

Six housing experts spanning five Australian universities undertook the study of animal-inclusive housing and options for reform, the first of its kind internationally. It assesses state and territory housing and legislative reforms in the private rental sector, social housing, homelessness services, strata title, aged care and caravan parks. Here they explain what they found.