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November 2013


The first of my diary comics was inspired by a particularly vivid dream. Although I didn’t recognise it at the time, the act of putting down this event was the seed for a habit that has now grown entrenched within my daily practice. Untitled-216th-November-2013-webHere I use a type of symbolic representation to represent my feeling of separateness from those outside of me. This type of depiction, although not true in terms of events as they happen, help to convey my emotional headspace at the time. Where the aim is to establish a shared understanding with the reader, devices such as this are invaluable.Untitled-2

17.11.13-webHere I trial a split narrative detailing two events for the day. For reasons of self imposed time constraints I won’t be doing this again, although it does fit more closely with the ‘comic’ structure’ I am aiming for. The use of red in the right panel helps to segregate the background crowd from me as well as subtly indicate my impression of the crowd.


11.18.13-webThis panel uses a non-realistic interpretation of the day’s events- once again, to quickly give an impression of the events as felt as opposed to as they actually were.Untitled-2

11.19.13-webPlaying with Photoshop brushes. Based again on a dream, this image attempts to capture a strong impression I awoke with.Untitled-211.20-21.13-webIn an attempt to reduce the amount of text to facilitate faster reading. The use of a simplified representation of myself is backed up by a gestural background.Untitled-2

11.22.13-webMoving closer toward a true sequential narrative, this panel attempts to show the day’s events in a non constructed flowing image. The use of a single colour as a theme is employed, although I’m not too happy with the result. Untitled-2

11.23-24.13-webMore a result of time constraint than anything else, this simple single image panel uses a symbolic representation of ‘chi’.Untitled-2


The first true comic of the series, this page makes use of two insert panels over a main panel with the intent of unifying the entire image. Untitled-2




29.11.13. web

This page shows my decision to move into a true comic format for the daily entries. Although not a finished, piece, the rough approach should not interfere with the reading, and is in keeping with the aim of this series to produce quickly rendered interpretations of the day’s events. The first panel shows a scene where I am laying down, I have turned the viewpoint on its side with the plant in the foreground as a marker of this. Perhaps without being properly finished it is hard to make this out.


Another non-panelled comic page, the seemingly disparate images should work together in combination with the provided text.Untitled-2

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