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July-September : Part One


its been a busy few months

After the true events of my comic Kicked Out During Coronavirus we have fully settled into our new home. Owning our own place gives a whole new mindset of relaxation, and things are good again.

It’s halfway into the second semester in my day job working with animation and games students. This time I’ve known from the early stages of planning that it would be online, which helped. While some students are at risk of falling between the cracks, most are performing amazingly, especially given the circumstances.

Corona Top Down

I made some concepts for a colleague at Swinburne’s article submission to The Conversation. They likely won’t see the light of day beyond this post. I’m trying to visualise top-down approaches to policy versus bottom up.

Top-down communication approaches tell people they must abide by the law and if they don’t they will be fined, they will impact other people, prolong the pandemic, and keep everyone in stage four for longer. Conversely, bottom-up communication works with many different sectors of society to engage in collaborative code design 

HALT Hope Assistance Local Tradies

I’ve been working on a followup to my Regional Outreach Worker case study comic, this time with Hope Assistance Local Tradies. I couldn’t be happier to continue the truly collaborative partnership with Senior Research Fellow Dr Hilary Davis and Swinburne’s Centre for Social Impact.

Not to bore you but here’s a quick compare of the first draft concepts and some (almost) finished pages:


CNBSAFE- James Wood Safety Speaker

In my free time I’ve been mocking up some concepts for a new partner, James Wood (Woody). Woody is a safety speaker for CNBSafe- a group of people that have experienced workplace injury or fatality.

CNBSafe safety speakers share their stories with workplaces and management groups to show first hand the realities and consequences that workplace incidents can have. It’s an honour to be asked to develop visual materials for them.

Learn more about CNBSafe and Woody- INSTAGRAM WOODY WEBSITE 

Keen for more backward navel gazing?